ERP System Implementation

Complete support in whole company integration system

There is a step in each comapny development where excell is not enough. Once You reached this step it is worth to consider ERP implmentation.

I do understand that on the beginning this process may appear as scary and complex. 

Diverse offer plus understandable language might be additional barrier. I am for helping You how to arrange whole project and select right solution for Your business.  

I can provide You support, but also can take full responsibility on this project. Together we can develop successful implementation of ERP system. 

It is crucial to get to know what the real scope is and what are Your processes You need to cover during implementation. Bad on this upfront we can together select right product supporting Your business the most. 

I have experience in similar implantations in huge multinational organisations as well in small businesses. 


I am using Agile approach in my project which gives Your ability to iteratively increase value of the system without overloading Your resources. Additionally we can adjust project speed to Your business activity ( seasonality). 

Most of the project meeting we can make via online solution which reduce cost and time needed for project teams meetings. 

Need for info? Feel free to reach out to me, details You can find in contact section.